G1000 Citizens' Summit

In 2011, in the midst of a political crisis in a governmentless Belgium, G1000 was a citizens' initiative aimed at breathing new life into democracy by organizing a major citizens' consultation, bringing together 1,000 randomly selected citizens to make recommendations to the political world.

G1000 Citizens' Summit

The story of G1000

Our story begins in 2011. That year, Belgium is facing an unprecedented political crisis. One year after the elections, there is still no government. The political parties are unable to reach agreement. Negotiations follow one another in vain. The citizens were impatient, and criticism was widespread. A handful of people then proposed an original solution: to organize the largest citizen summit in Europe. An idea that will definitely change citizen participation in Belgium and abroad.   

On 11 June 2011, after a year without government, 27 citizens signed a white card that was published in all major newspapers. This manifesto proposes a simple idea: to gather 1000 randomly selected citizens to reflect and formulate recommendations for political representatives. A decision-making group like the "G20", but with a thousand members. The G1000 was born.  

Soon, 10.000 other signatories joined the initiators of the project. Thousands of donors and hundreds of volunteers came forward to finance and set up this citizens' assembly.   

On 11 November 2011, the big day arrives. Almost 1000 people gather in Brussels, at Tour & Taxis, to deliberate on 3 themes: social security, the distribution of wealth in times of crisis and immigration. The G1000 Citizen Summit became the symbol of democratic innovation, in Belgium and abroad. 

From this unique citizen initiative that sought to breathe new life into Belgian democracy, G1000 has retained its spirit and principles and has become a permanent organization.  

To (re)discover the 2011 citizens' initiative, check out the first version of this website.