Our mission

We aim to make Belgium the most credible, effective and inclusive democracy of Europe. How? By making democratic innovations such as sortition and deliberation the new norm in policy-making.

Innovative methods, such as citizens' panels with random selection and deliberation, must be part of policy-making. We are working to ensure that municipalities and cities, regions and the federal state use them and that they are institutionalised.

Participatory democracy needs the support of politicians, the media, civil society, businesses and of course the citizens themselves. We strive to strengthen this support.

We work for a visible improvement of policy-making in the country.

Our values

  • Independence — Our ideological and financial independence guarantees our intellectual freedom. We are not linked to any political party.

  • Complementarity — The innovations we develop are complementary to current political procedures and strengthen our democratic institutions.  

  • Inclusion — All citizens are capable of making collective decisions in the common interest. They also have the legitimacy to do so.  

  • Equality — Everyone must have the same chances to take part in the political debate.