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Our team

G1000 brings together a bunch of people with diverse talents and expertise, driven by the same goal: doing democracy better.

Operational team

Photo de Ben Eersels

Ben Eersels

Executive Director

Ben is the guardian of G1000's mission and vision. His strong analytical and organisational skills move projects forward. The positive impact of G1000's work is an inexhaustible motivation for him.


Isabelle Dresse

Projects & Partnerships lead

The autonomy and dignity of the individual are essential to her. Isabelle also believes in the creative power of the group. It is only by pooling their strengths that democratic institutions and citizens will be able to face today's challenges. Isabelle sets up projects and oversees relations between G1000 and other players in society.


Jonathan Piron

Project manager

Jonathan manages his projects with a solid background in political science. As a curious person, Jonathan follows with interest the latest trends in democracy, of course, but also in ecology, digitalization, and more.

Tanné Bogaerts

Tanné Bogaerts

Communications & Campaign lead

Tanné recognises that society needs ways to help people from a variety of backgrounds engage with each other. So people become part of the solutions to their own problems, while gaining an understanding of each other along the way. At G1000, she turns that multivocality into clear communication.

Foto Roman Cluytens

Roman Cluytens

Capacity-builing lead

Since studying political science, Roman has been working every day on the question: How can we improve our democracy? At G1000, he uses his knowledge and experience around deliberative democracy to provide people in the field with the necessary tools for democratic renewal.

Marina Van den Nouweland

Marina Van den Nouweland

Campaign strategist

How do you reach people with your message, enthuse them and sustainably connect them to your cause so that you can achieve your mission with them? This challenge has fascinated Marina for years. At the G1000, she gladly puts her expertise and experience to work to bring citizens and politics closer together.

  • Board of directors
    • President
      • Prof. Dr. Min Reuchamps
        • UCLouvain
    • Treasurer
      • Steven Serneels
        • Impact Investor
    • Directors
      • Yves Dejaeghere
        • FIDE- Federation for Innovation in Democracy Europe
      • Fatima Zibouh
        • Actiris & Brussels 2030
      • Magali Van Coppennolle
        • Bank of England & ex-Friday Group
      • Fatma Girretz
        • Representation of the German-speaking Community of Belgium in Brussels
      • Hans Bruyninckx
        • ex-European Environment Agency
      • David Van Reybrouck
        • Author
  • Advisory board
    • Members
      • Cato Léonard
        • Glassroots
      • Sophie Devillers
        • Independent facilitator
      • Marc Michils
        • Kom op tegen Kanker
      • Christoph Niessen
        • UNamur
      • Michael Vlerick
        • Tilburg University


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