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Our funding

G1000 is a non-profit association. We do not pay out any profits to shareholders. All our income and expenses serve our social goal: improving Belgian democracy.

Independence and impartiality are essential values for us. That is why we do not accept donations from political parties.

Four sources of income

  •  Own activities: consultancy assignments for public authorities or educational activities. This may constitute a maximum of 20 percent of our income. This limitation allows us to remain strict and only work with clients who make firm promises in advance about the quality criteria of the projects we work on.
  • Foundations, such as the King Baudouin Foundation and the Dutch Postcode Lottery
  • Institutional actors and civil society organisations, such as Solidaris
  • Individual donors and family offices: We are officially recognised as a charity with the King Baudouin Foundation.


Anyone can make a donation to us on the account number IBAN BE10 0000 0000 0404, stating +++623/3625/60043+++.  Donations from €40 are tax deductible in Belgium.

We have a commitment with all our donors that ensures that we can carry out our work in complete independence.

You can find our annual reports (PDF)