The story of G1000

On June 11, 2011, 27 citizens, tired of the situation, signed a carte blanche which was published in all the newspapers. This manifesto puts forward a simple idea: to bring together 1,000 randomly selected citizens to reflect and draft recommendations for politicians. A decision-making group like the "G20", but with 1000 members. The G1000 was born.

In a short time, 10,000 supporters joined the project. Thousands of donors and hundreds of volunteers showed up to finance and set up this citizens' assembly.

The 11th of November 2011 is the day. Almost 1000 people gathered in Brussels, on the site of Tour & Taxis, to deliberate on 3 topics: social security, the allocation of wealth in times of crisis and immigration. The G1000 Citizens' Summit turned into a symbol of democratic innovation, in Belgium and abroad.  

From this unique citizens' initiative, which aimed to revitalise Belgian democracy, G1000 has retained its spirit and principles. 

To (re)discover the 2011 citizens' initiative, check out  the first version of this website.  

A few key dates

  • 2013: David Van Reybrouck, director of G1000 and initiator of the Citizen Summit publishes the book "Against Elections", translated into more than 15 languages.   

  • 2017: G1000 VZW hires its first employee.   

  • 2019: The Parliament of the German-speaking Community of Belgium unanimously votes the decree that founds the very first permanent Citizens' Council. G1000 designed the architecture of this citizen dialogue, the "B├╝rgerdialog in Ostbelgien".   

  • 2019: The Brussels-Capital Region decides to set up the "Mixed Commissions", a recurring panel that brings together citizens chosen by lot and politicians. G1000 participates in the preparatory hearings that define the organization of the deliberative process.  

  • 2019: First edition of the G1000 Autumn School in Eupen.  

  • 2021: First federal citizens' assembly in Belgium on the issue of citizen involvement in Europe. G1000 is part of the scientific committee that accompanies the process.