A determined blue, a zesty green, the new visual identity for G1000


A new visual identity and a new website, it's about time.

G1000 has evolved since the 2011 Citizen Summit and deliberative democracy is gaining ground in Belgium and around the world. This new design reflects this evolution.


You are now looking at the new G1000 website. We wanted it to be clear, assertive, focused on action and achievements.

A no-frills logo to say who we are. No more and no less.

A deep and serene blue, because today more than ever, G1000 is certain of the cause it defends and of its approach. A cheerful, zesty green that calls out, energises and spurs us into action.

That's the packaging. What really counts is what's inside.

More citizen panels with a random draw and deliberation will be added in the coming months on our dynamic map. The movement is launched in Belgium, Europe and all over the world.   

Deliberative wave

From Ostend to Arlon, thousands of randomly selected citizens have already had the opportunity to participate in a citizens' assembly, in their commune, their Region or Community or at federal level. These are often one-off initiatives, but our country already has three permanent citizens' councils, in Saint-Gilles, in the Parliament of the Brussels Region and in the Parliament of the German-speaking Community in Eupen. These citizens' assemblies are institutionalised mechanisms.

Other panels with drawing of lots and deliberation will be added in the coming months on our dynamic map. The deliberative movement is launched in Belgium, Europe and all over the world.

A study subject

Democratic innovation is a serious matter, studied by academics and independent organisations like G1000. The operators who carry out the panels in the field are professionals. The politicians and civil servants who are interested in this more inclusive approach do so out of conviction. All these actors must work according to the best standards. The resources we offer are regularly updated and supplemented by our own research.

Critical mass

You too can take part in the political debate. Get informed. Follow us on Facebook or twitter, subscribe to our newsletter. Talk about it around you with your friends, at work, in your association with friends or neighbours. You will see that there are many of us who care deeply about the democratic ideal and want to make it real in a new way.

This site is a place for information, action and exchange.

Thanks to all those who participated in its creation, in particular to our volunteers Jolien, Lieselote, Fatma, Zelie for the translation and proofreading.