Democracy R&D Conference: a yearly must

Conférence de Democracy R&D à Berlin

From 28 to 30 September, the Democracy R&D network's annual conference on Innovating Deliberative Democracy is being held in Berlin. This "grand messe" of deliberative democracy brings together hundreds of experts and practitioners from all over the world, including Jonathan Piron from G1000. 

Three themes are highlighted : how to get political buy-in, the issue of inclusion and the risk of reproducing structural inequalities and finally deliberative democracy in times of crisis(s). With a total of over 40 workshops. Some of which are also accessible online.

While heading to the German capital, Jonathan Piron points out the presentations not to be missed: "I will certainly go and listen to our colleagues from FIDE on the subject of inclusion: "Including the ignored". Another interesting and current topic in Belgium is the use of citizens' assemblies for constitutional reforms, a workshop with the British former deputy Allen Graham".

The Democracy R&D conference brings together actors from all over the world. Are the issues the same everywhere? "The institutionalisation of citizens' assemblies and the increase in participation rates are certainly challenges that can be found everywhere in the world. Other issues are specific to one country or another. In Belgium, for example, while the political system is already very complex, participatory processes must avoid adding a layer to that complexity".

The Democracy R&D network, which brings together almost 100 organisations around the world, offers great opportunities to exchange information, work together and share resources. It is hosting this conference in partnership with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, nexus institute, Mehr Demokratie e.V. and Technische Universität Berlin. The Open Society Foundations are providing financial support.