Idea of the G1000

The founders

On June 10, 2011, the Manifesto of the G1000 was published in five national newspapers. The first 27 signatories were the initiators of the G1000. Within a few weeks following its publication more than 10,000 people signed the Manifesto.

Sigrid Bousset

(Brussels, 1969) Playwright and literary organiser. She recently published More than I remember, a collection of conversations with Ivo Michiels. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Didier Caluwaerts

(Leuven, 1983) Ph.D. student at the Free University of Brussels. His research centres on democracy in deeply divided societies. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Louis De Visscher

(Brussels, 1980) Graphic designer with a MA in Communication and Information Sciences.

Martin De Wulf

(Brussels, 1978) PhD in Computer Science and web developer. He is interested in the socially innovative uses of technology. Mother tongue: French.

Benoît Derenne

(Lobbes, 1962) Founder and director of the Foundation for Future Generations,which supports sustainable initiatives in Belgium and throughout Europe since 1998. Mother tongue: French.

Vincent Engel

(Uccle, 1963) Novelist, author of more than twenty novels, and professor in Literature and History (UCL – Ihecs). Mother tongue: French.

Christophe Gérard

(Brussels, 1980) Web developer. Mother tongue: French.

Fatma Girretz

(Luxembourg, 1968) MA Germanic Languages, cultural executive active in theatre. Mother tongue: German.

Maud Hagelstein

(Waremme, 1980) Research fellow with the FRS-FNRS. She specializes in Philosophy of Arts and Culture at the University of Liege. Mother tongue: French.

Paul Hermant

(Charleroi, 1957) Radio journalist and co-founder of Opération Villages Roumains and Causes Communes. Mother tongue: French.

Dries Heyman

(Poperinge, 1977) Managing director, Wow Communication. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Dirk Jacobs

(Bruges, 1971) Professor Sociology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Meryem Kanmaz

(Beringen, 1971) Political scientist. Mother tongue: Dutch and Turkish.

Cato Léonard

(Antwerp, 1967) Consultant in the field of digital media and marketing. She assists firms and organisations with the implementation of new technology. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Patrick N'siala Kiese

(Kinshasa, 1980) Activist and member of the Congolese diaspora. Mother tongue: Lingala.

Gautier Platteau

(Kortrijk, 1980) Publisher and organiser of, among others, the Stephan Vanfleteren exhibiton Portrait 1989-2009. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Min Reuchamps

(Seoul, 1982) Researcher with the Foundation for Scientific Research, at the Department of Political Science of the University of Liege. Mother tongue: French.

Jim Seynaeve

(Moeskroen, 1966) Arts manager and creative entrepreneur. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Dave Sinardet

(Antwerp, 1975) Political scientist at the VUB and the University of Antwerp. He also writes colums for De Standaard and Le Soir. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Myriam Stoffen

Director of the Zinneke Parade. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Sébastien Van Drooghenbroeck

(Charleroi, 1973) Professor in Law at the Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis, where he teaches states’ law and human rights law. Mother tongue: French.

Adinda Van Geystelen

Art executive, active in the cultural sector. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Jonathan Van Parys

(Louvain-la-Neuve, 1982) Coordinator of HackDemocracy.Org in Brussels and co-initiator of PublishTheNote.Be . Mother tongue: French.

David Van Reybrouck

(Bruges, 1971) Novelist, writer of among others Missie and Congo. Een geschiedenis. He is also chairman of the Flemish chapter of PEN. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Lieselot Vandamme

(Brasschaat, 1979) Television maker, collaborated on programmes such as Vispa, Bouwmeesters, Panorama and De Grootste Belg. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Francesca Vanthielen

(Eeklo, 1972) Presenter with VTM and actress. Mother tongue: Dutch.

Fatima Zibouh

(Sint-Agatha Berchem, 1981) Ph.D. student in Social and Political Sciences at the University of Liege. Mother tongue: French.